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70's. 47 right now at bwi. mostly clear skies. temperatures up to about 74 this afternoon. many that jackie later on this afternoon. and little rain in the forecast. -- may not need that jacket later on this happening. a little rain in the afternoon. >> let's check some of those 40. 58 of the north side. so far so good on a harris for expressway. no problems into town. on the west side, average around 60 lots per hour 60 on a southbound to 95 from 100 down towards 175. traffic on i 70 eastbound moving well into marysville. let's look at the traffic at frederick road. southwest corner. problems at the moment. a little more volume coming towards us in the out of the.
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baltimore national pipe. and i start on the west side. -- a nice start on the west side. that is the very latest. back to you. >> thank you very much. for many, commuting is a part of their morning routine but would you to wake up later and have a shorter commute? >> that lets it be possible for some amtrak travelers. -- that might be true for some amtrak traveler is directed officials are looking at where the high-speed trains would entice market leaders in close the gap between plane and train travel. amtrak is launching a high-speed trial in the northeast to expedite service. they said the goal is to raise speed from the current 130 m.p.h. to 220 over the next decade, cutting current travel times and a half. by cutting travel time, they think what people might choose trains over airline to avoid airport security and more commuters will say, not sitting
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in traffic. economists believe the product would entice more baltimore citizens to commit -- commute. >> we are the cheapest major city on the east coast. with markets like new york and washington d.c. and philadelphia and boston, a lot of economic opportunity for business expansion in the baltimore area. >> amtrak estimates the overall cost about $9 billion a year over 10 years. including funding from the federal government. his report a live at penn station. >> thank you. nine people are recovering from injuries suffered when mta bus operator slammed on the brakes. it happened charlie just after 5:00 monday evening near randall avenue. the driver made an abrupt stop to avoid colliding with a vehicle that caught the bus off. all nine passengers were taken
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to hospital with a date not life-threatening injuries. the police commissioner is ticking medical leave there will be out indefinitely. his medical leaves as the incoming commissioner takes office this thursday. he was nominated at monday's city council meeting. a baltimore police spokesman says barksdale's lee is expected immediately the reason was not disclosed. >> in baltimore city police officer is on routine administrative leave after police say he was forced to shoot every suspect. it happened as before 4:30 monday morning in sw baltimore. they found the man near yale avenue. when officers tried to question the man, there was a struggle. >> the suspect engaged one of the officers. they got into a physical confrontation.
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he pulled out a weapon. backup officer saw the officer and suspect struggling. he withdrew his service weapon and fired at least one shot in the front of that officer. >> the suspect is in serious but stable condition. he had two weapons in his position at the time. another officer is on routine administrative leave for his involvement in a deadly shooting early sunday morning in dundalk. joshua lopez became combative and reached for the officer's gun. the second officer initially but for pepper spray to try to calm the suspect the man did not stop. investigators say officer hines shot lopez who died at the same period last controversial billion -- who dies at the scene. >> a controversial billing -- in
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response to citizen outrage from the june derecho that left thousands in the dark for nearly a week. >> it is basically the fact that we have fixed expenses. this is all about our ability to continue to reinvest in the infrastructure. and whether there is a derecho, a hurricane or anything along those lines, we still have fixed costs. >> rate payers paid 49 cents for power they never used because of the director of. a baltimore man faces several charges are running on the field just as a super hero during sunday night's ravens game. today he will be featured on ellen. mark harvey ran on the field wearing a signature cape. after about a minute, security guards and police officers stopped him. he was wearing a cape ellen
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degeners gave him a following a similar stunt in april. he bases in number of charges, including trespassing. -- he faces a a number of charges, including trespassing. >> the orioles are in the home stretch of only eight games left in the regular season. after winning the first game of the doubleheader against toronto, they were playing catch up last night. down 2 in the 5th. that pulled the o's within one run. jp hits a grand slam. it's gone. that gave the blue jays a 9-4 lead. the o's would eventually lose, 9-5. how this affects them coming up later in sports. >> the nfl replacement
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officials. on the last play of the game between the seahawks and the packers on monday night football, the hail mary pass was intercepted in the end zone with the referees made to different calls and the play was eventually ruled a touchdown. take a look at this. >> #43 there got the ball. cradle's it to his chest. but the guy on the bottle has one arm working there. and the ref said that is good enough. that controversial call what an end to another questionable weekend in nfl officiating, including the ravens pastry game tonight which had a number of mixups as well. do you think the nfl will speed up negotiations after this week's poor performance by r the performanceefs? you can cheer response on our facebook page or i have a problem with that
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patriot's ravens game. >> it is getting uglier and a clear. 40 degrees at the airport at 5:07. president obama book address representatives from around the world -- will address representatives from around the world at the un. >> who ann romney will be sitting down with later today. what a live look at traffic. beltway at bellair
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>> welcome back. it is six degrees downtown. at the maryland science center.
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that is a little deceiving. about 10 degrees cooler in the suburbs. we have dipped into the 40's this morning. 47 in randallstown. 48 in columbia.
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the forecast for today -- sunshine and a few clouds. my son mount this afternoon after a chilly start. high temperatures -- 74 this afternoon after a chilly start. afternoon after a chilly start.
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roads and check for problem spots to avoid. weather and traffic together. >> a look at your tuesday morning to meet. the roads are shaping up to be very good. 60 miles by out on the north side that we did to the park
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belt region. as we check into 95 coming out of the northeast towards the beltway, on average about 62 m.p.h. traveling southbound. 59 on the west side outer loop. on the beat of a parkway, 62 just past 100.
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so far, i 70 living without delay towards the beltway. a live in view of traffic. the harrisburg first way i york road, coming towards us -- southbound traffic, you can see how light it is. , no west of the beltway delays yet. everything running smoothly on 75 of the owings mills area. that is the very latest. good morning. moving along for the most part pretty nicely. no delays on the camden lines. metro subway also on time. the buses, a few diversions. 3, 11 61 buses diverting and charles. that going 97 buses into the metro stations. that is due to construction.
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physical repair. -- a sink hole repair. >> good morning. it is chilly. you will want to take a life jacket or sweater. one of the coolest warnings we have seen since last spring. high pressure moving off the coast. the winds will turn to the south today. even though it is conical right now, this afternoon temperatures
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will be in the 17th -- even right now,s cool this afternoon temperatures will be in will70's. to let showers and sprinkles around dayton, ohio, that is moving to the east. clouds late this afternoon and into tonight. see some rain develop overnight. and into tomorrow morning. skies basically clear until that time. the winds were, in the sky was clear last night. the temperatures had a chance to drop in to the 40's. 47 at the airport. 41 in frederick. this is not cool enough for
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frost but certainly he will want to take a light jacket to start the day. after the chilly start, and nice, mild, often in. high temperature right around 70. semis that 6:57. a chance for a few rain showers tomorrow. the door showers on thursday. 78 on wednesday. that will be the warmest day of the week. a slight chance for rain on
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saturday and sunday. systems off to our north. for the most part, the week and will be ok. -- the weekend will be ok. >> in the consumer alert, a couple serve -- apple sold more than 1 million iphone 5's. within 5 million were sold in the three days than it was launched. that is less than what analysts expected. they would likely sold more. from the two more countries await the arrival this friday -- 22 more countries await the arrival this friday. a number of retailers are celebrating national coffee week
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with free drinks. free coffee. but as bidding mcdonald's restaurants are pouring -- partcipationing alzner restauras are pouring coffee on saturday, saturdaycreme will give away free 12 ouince cups of coffee is. in these areas as -- a new survey shows banking costs are on the rise. here are some baking tips. >> according to an annual look at banking fees by bankrate .com, americans pay more to use their money. west there is an increase in monthly service charges in checking accounts. war accounts are charging a monthly fee but the fees are moving higher -- more accounts
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are charging a monthly fee and the fees are moving higher. >> atm surcharges for a bank's not customer went up. the average monthly fee for a checking account up 25% to. that is while the percentage of free checking accounts shrunk to 39%. the good news -- most fees can be avoided whether it is more discipline when choosing an atm or maintaining a minimum monthly balance. otherwise, and banks which may be in order. >> there is still plenty of smaller committee brings -- banks and credit unions that offer a stand-alone checking
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tweeted a link peeing the new sits. back to you. >> while -- wow, myspace is back. [laughter] a lot of folks looking up now.
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breakfast on the mind. when it comes to a lot of folks favorite breakfast food, bacon -- prices are going up. is that right? >> it seems like everything is going up these days. we have the worst drought in a generation in the midwest. beef prices are rising to report has been a cheaper alternative but it is also on the rise. that will affect everything from baked into him. i will have more on that coming up in the next hour. >> thank you very much.
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>> we will have to switch to tofu in the morning again. >> first the wings, now bacon. we are in trouble. 48 degrees at the airport. >> from daytime to late night, president of candidates are making the talk-show rounds. more on what it means for their campaigns. >> do not forget to e-mail your answer to our water cooler question of the day. will the nfl speed up will the nfl speed up negotiations to end the watch
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kennelly help candidates relate to different types of voters jury showing that they're not just politicians, their fathers,
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husbands as well. daytime talk shows can reach a key voting democratic this election season. women. experts say candidates should be careful of looking like they are
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avoiding tough questions. fromt is making headlines the first couple's visits to the been view? that >> years later on today. we are already seen excerpts. the president talks about his vision for the company -- for the country. and his heart is day -- and his
5:33 am
hardest day. he was asked what he plans to do after five years from now, if he does win a second term. the president says he misses teaching. he would like to get back out there and work with kids. >> thank you. >> i am quite sure mitt romney would like to give him that opportunity. the time now is 5:27. 47 at bwi.
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today faster to meet be in our future? >> and new move by amtrak could cut your commute 1/2. live at penn station with the latest. >> if you are one of the many who operate house of recommits to work, what molders good operators -- motor scooter operators will some be required to do. >> a little rain in the 7 day forecast. stay with us. >> welcome back. [laughter]
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>> tony. will talk weather. the other stuff is a lot more interesting. tuesday morning, temperatures in the low-mid 40's in some spots. no frost but it is chilly. 47 degrees at bwi. probably see a few clouds going to the afternoon. but the wind will turn to the south. that is good for the temperatures. we will make it all the way up to 74. a little late in the next few days. >> pierre morning to me right now for the most part looks ok -- your morning commute right now for the most are looks ok. an accident coming in there. a live with that in a moment. 95 looks good out of the northeast.
5:36 am
61 on the west side outer loop past i 70. 61 as well on the north side to the part of the region. 63 .org climb burning. 63. and live view of traffic. -- there is the accident scene. looks like a single vehicle of law. we will keep you posted. 543 at 146 -- avoid it this
5:37 am
morning. west of the beltway, problem west of the beltway, problem free at this mome
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>> going through security checkpoints to and from, long- term parking.
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much easier it in and out of the train station. >> amtrak is trying to capitalize on those reasons but the disease in some patients. scientists at johns hopkins were able to eliminate sickle cell in eight patients to receive half matched donor marrow. all eight were free of the many and most the longer needed medication. this is encouraging news. perfectly matched donors are hard to find the most tillich -- parents, siblings can be half matched donors. a researchers discovered virus living in our skin. it naturallyy --
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causes people causing bacteria. -- pimple causing bacteria. as good news for teenagers. the time as 5:40. the orioles look for a sweep of the blue jays and a chance to tipped away at the yankees. did they do it? heights later in sports. what the patterson park mayor byrne is getting ready for its annual home port. live in one of the homes when we come back. >> it is shaping up to be another nice day. sony has a full forecast. sony has a full forecast. ...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin.
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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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>> traffic and weather together. >> to look again morning commute. busy in harford county. an accident at 543 m136. getting busy at the intersection. police are now on the scene. 62 on the north side.
5:44 am
moving well towards the west side at 61. just past i 70. 64 of soccer on 95 heading toward howard county and 100. -- on soutbbound 95 heading toward howard county and 100. lane closures in effect at the intersection of 543 and 146. avoided. i 70 checks out pretty well west of the beltway. going away from us. no delays to report at the moment. that is the latest on traffic. let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> good morning. the 31161 buses averting a charles and 20 hd. fit the bus a diversion at willow glen and clark lane. the 27, 33, 57, 91 buses not
5:45 am
come into the rogers avenue metro station due to construction. marc train of credit on time -- trains operating on time. back to you. >> thank you. good morning. another nice day today. we do have a little bit of rain to talk about in our 7 day forecast. first, good morning to avon marie. it is been a while. we have heard back on the show. -- we have her back on the show. >> good morning. we are inside one of the quaint neighborhoods, patterson park. it is been going through a big was that -- revitalization of the past 10-15 years. they are getting ready for the big board that happens every year. i am here with a home owner. you have been here since 2000 and will be part of the poor.
5:46 am
this is the first thought. tell me what you have done so far to the home. >> we purchased the house and was already a little renovated but we updated the kitchen and bathroom area. we have done some little up its roughhouse. we do have a child so we have a plan room downstairs. >> it is beautiful. i love the finishes. if we can pan over to the kitchen and show what is going on. a beautiful back splash and fancy features. >> be like a modern style. there are modern touches throughout the house. it makes it easy living. it is a great vacation, across the street from the park. to the the center of the city. >> this is a row home. they look so skinny from the outside. this is people how much -- an idea of how much space it in half inside one of these homes.
5:47 am
>> obsolete. -- absolutely. it is a great opportunity. >> the home tour is coming up this saturday. people start here and get to see what of other homes. >> correct. we have had eight homes on the tour. it starts at 11:00 at 2838 east baltimore street. food will be provided at all the homes. it is $10 a person and kids are free. >> it starts at 11:00 the people can show up throughout the day. >> that is ripe. does make sure you are here before 2:45. people can pay online or or in person on the day of the poor. >> these home owners give you a chance to get some ideas for
5:48 am
your home or if you're looking in the area, an idea of what is like as well. >> does and it -- this is an organization that as part of their homes and open the neighborhood that? >> yes. the are proud of the neighborhood and what has been happening over the last 15 years. >> they have revitalize the area for sure. thank you. we will talk to you again in the next half hour down there in patterson park. weather wise, and little chilly. it will warm up nights this afternoon. here is the mother said. high pressure off the coast. -- here is the weather. high pressure off the coast. a chance for some rain and a storm system coming across the plains states. a cold front from the great lakes. thunderstorms around simla was this morning. shoppers around dayton, ohio.
5:49 am
all heading in our direction. -- showers around dayton, ohio. all heading in our direction. skies are clear right now. the winds are called. temperatures had a chance to drop off last night. not cold enough to frostbite one of the coldest mornings we have seen since the spring time. 41 in frederick. near the water, a little warmer. today, and the demise. a mixture of sunshine with a few clouds. it will warm up fast. high clouds between 71 and 76. sunrise this morning at 6:57. chances of rain tonight and during the day tomorrow. not a widespread washout to to reach him but some hit and miss rain showers during the day tomorrow. high near 78. a couple living in showers on thursday. the weekend is kind of a question.
5:50 am
it's like chance for a bit of rain on saturday and sunday. high temperatures thing in the mid 70's. >> thank you. 47 degrees at the airport. another controversial call you have to seek a bully. -- to see to believe. >> a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale.
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>> now, a love and sports. >> the orioles' final homestand took off with a bang. the double header. they took game 4-1. o's down quickly. got to see to kids for the price of one. bottom five. bringing baltimore back. opposite field. his 5th, 4-3. jumping all over that pitch. out quickly. making it a 5-3 game.
5:54 am
he escaped the jam in the fifth. to go back to decamp -- needs to go back to houdini camp. the yankees won. the ravens when we did waited 17 years to get their first season when against the patriots. and zero time to enjoy it. tory smith will be there thursday night after the grief of losing his brother, he is most certainly forgiven. his efforts sunday night will go down in history as one of the most impressive of all time. he said afterwards beginning with his teammates into bidding -- into a bidding, and helped tremendously dealing with is great. packers and the seahawks. hail mary.
5:55 am
m.d. jennings seem to come up with the ball. once a touchdown, another said touchback. finally will a simultaneous cats. therefore, seattle 1 14-12. here we go. locked out officials are really missed. confusing and frustrating. >> let's leave it to our viewers. the subject of our water cooler question of the day. >> be you think the nfl will speed up negotiations to end the lockout with league officials after this week's poor performance by replacement referees? mike says -- >> amy says -- keep sending those responses.
5:56 am
we will be more in the next hour. >> what do you think? what the fact is that last comment was corrected. they want to bust that union. that is their goal. >> thank you. coming up in the next hour, hitting the airwaves. the obama code daytime and mitt romney goes late night. a live report from washington. >> hanging on the edge. a tractor trailer and the gulf over the side -- dangles over the side of a bridge in brazil. how it ended up there. >> how much would it cost to buy michael phelps' town home? half a million dollars less than he paid. >> another nice day today. a little rain in the 7 day forecast. >> to accidents in harford
5:57 am
county. we will update you on that and more. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> did you want to cut your commute in half? that could soon happen to it amtrak's riders. >> more on what it means for the campaigns.

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